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Empirically validated and DIN 33430 assessed

The test platform HRanalytics was developed by our co-operation partner HR Diagnostics AG. The name of their Scientific Director, Prof. Dr. Heinz Schuler, one of Europe’s leading personnel psychologists, stands for the quality of these procedures. Prof. Dr. Heinz Schuler has worked for over 40 years on selection and test procedures and he guarantees the quality of these psychological selection methods.

In addition, all test procedures comply with DIN 33430, which was developed by the German Psychological Society and the Professional Association of German Psychologists, thereby ensuring the high quality of the test procedures for suitability assessments. The significance and accuracy of their results are therefore completely reliable.

In addition to the development, validation and specification of suitable test procedures, HR Diagnostics AG ensures their technical implementation and compliance with the highest safety and quality standards.

The responsibility of BOSS Business Consulting as co-operation partner is the marketing of HRanalytics test packages in addition to the training and support of users in Switzerland.

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