Our Approach

All our assessment processes are tailor-made and attuned to individual requirements. Structured interviews, psychometric diagnoses, business cases, performance analyses, target-group-specific discussions and management situations are developed to a company’s particular demands. This means, that although the underlying principle of the process remains the same, the individual concepts are completely needs-oriented.

Business context All assessment criteria in connection with specific roles are defined in close co-operation with the customer. Individual process steps, practice-related tasks and problems concerning particular functions are simulated on the basis of the actual work environment.

Transparency The principles of the assessment process and its methodology are transparent and comprehensible to all participants. The candidates feel that they are treated fairly which results in a high level of acceptance of the outcome.

Substance After each assessment a detailed strengths/weaknesses profile is made available and the evaluation system is explained. Each candidate receives oral feedback and suggestions pertinent to his/her development.

Reliability All methods and tools used in HRassessment have been tested in practice and are supported empirically. The accuracy and validity of individual statements can be clearly seen, and the risk of inaccurate assessments is substantially reduced.

Relevance Clear recommendations can be given from the analysis, which are then discussed in detail with the customer. Decisions concerning the employment, promotion and development of employees become therefore transparent and, in addition, are fully documented.

Our Our Assets