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Besides valid processes and practical experience, professionalism has the greatest impact on differentiating the evaluation of employee potential. In connection with our HRassessment this means:

Expertise All assessments are conducted by established AC-experts who are trained in psychology and/or economy, with several years of line management and practical assessment experience; their assessment and feedback abilities have been more than fully proven.

Business relevance All tasks and exercises are specially designed to suit the content and requirements of a targeted position. The means that not only the personal capabilities and characteristics of candidates can be analysed, but that their particular thought and behavioural patterns are assessed in their business context.

Flexibility Since the assessment processes are based on modules, their content and methodology can be easily adapted, the experience of our assessors allowing them to modify tasks and exercises immediately to suit changed situations and requirements.

Experience The large number of AC-projects we have successfully worked on with a variety of companies in different business fields, has allowed us to build up in-depth know-how about the design, development and implementation of target group and needs-specific assessment processes at all hierarchy levels.

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