Our Approach

The first step is to define an outline of the task together with our customer, and to obtain a sound understanding of his expectations, the targets and the project environment. These data are then used to draw up a preliminary concept for the project, in which we include our suggestions and solutions to problems that we have so far identified. We then discuss this concept with the customer and once it has been approved, we jointly decide on the size and composition of the project team.

During the next step, in which the responsible decision-makers and line managers are fully involved, the project concept and roll-out plan are refined and made plausible in a looped co-ordination and consolidation process. The involvement of the line managers at this stage ensures that all process steps are related to actual business practice and the level of acceptance during the following implementation is substantially increased.

The line managers and a designated HR manager will be involved continuously during implementation. Once the project has been implemented, the results are compared with the initial targets and analysed together with the customer.

Our Assets