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No company which is successful and considered an attractive employer at the same time can afford to leave its Human Resources Management to coincidence. Our range of integral HR services meets all requirements of modern Human Resources Management:

HR Strategy HR strategy is an integral part of any corporate strategy and focuses on satisfying the quantitative and qualitative demands on human capital. This implies that the main corporate targets and the related budgets are aligned with the HR strategy and that logical links are established between them. – We support you in the design, introduction and implementation of your HR strategy.

HR Processes HR processes are aimed at finding highly qualified employees by presenting a desirable corporate image in combination with attractive employment conditions, and by retaining the right employees in the company with the help of forward-oriented career planning and a transparent remuneration policy. – We support you in the development, adaptation and implementation of all HR processes.

HR Structure Operational personnel management focuses on all business units and ensures that their needs can be fulfilled professionally at all times. This not only means the introduction of a tailored HR structure, but even more so, the empowerment and professional training of responsible HR employees. – We support you in the definition and implementation of a suitable HR structure.

HR Tools Practice-oriented tools are needed to implement a sustainable HR strategy that supports line managers successfully in the management process. This applies equally to recruitment, development and promotion, as it does to remuneration, performance assessment or separation strategies. – We support you in the development and introduction of user-oriented HR instruments and other management tools.

HR Due Diligence Systematic review and analysis of HR related aspects of mergers and acquisitions are the basis for a successful integration process. Detailed strengths/weaknesses analyses of management skills and of all HR and management processes supply valuable information on latent conflict potential and possible opposition to a merger. – We support you in the qualification and risk assessment of all HR aspects that are relevant to success.

Function and career models Plausible and carefully designed job specifications are the precondition for systematic career and development planning. They are also the basis for a fair and transparent remuneration policy. Only when these prerequisites are in place, is it possible to attract and bind high potentials and qualified managers to the company. – We support you in the design and implementation of a tailor-made role and career model that fulfils all your requirements.

Remuneration systems The participation of all employees in a wide range of responsibilities as well as their entrepreneurial attitude and behaviour are becoming ever more important. Flexible remuneration systems which incorporate performance and success related components are already the standard in modern Human Resources Management. Today’s successful companies use simple, variable and comprehensible remuneration systems that are easily adapted to changing requirements and situations. - We support you in the transformation of your current remuneration system to give it the necessary flexibility and edge.

Performance Management Successful performance management orientates itself to strategic corporate targets and links these to the individual performance of employees. However, a precondition for success is a consistent and systematic target building process that contains target agreements at all levels: business units, departments, teams and employees. – We support you in the optimisation and development of your MbO pocesses and in converting them into an effective performance management tool.

Management of Employee Potential Without the management of employee potential no focussed employee development & support is possible. This means that all data from potential & performance assessments must be evaluated systematically. Then, they must be analysed and presented in convincing management reports. – We support you in the development and implementation of an efficient management system of employee potential.

Change Management Short reaction-times and the ability to adapt to changing market conditions are extremely important and a decisive element of competitive advantage. The underlying change processes must be supported and implemented by managers and employees alike, so that they become an integral part of the change process. They must be prepared and empowered carefully for future challenges. – We support you in the successful management and implementation of change processes.

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