Our Approach

The content and methodology of our training and development programs are aligned directly with your own corporate environment and with your specific requirements, i.e. all our training and development concepts are individualized. To this we add our implementation quality and experience.

Concept During an initial briefing with our customer we define the targets, the prevailing conditions, the needs of the target groups, the time-frame, the volume of the training, the interfaces and counterparts etc. In this meeting we also try to obtain an understanding of the strategic framework and the corporate context in which the planned development measures will be implemented. Then we convert this information into a methodical-didactical concept which serves as a decision base that covers the specific training content and includes a detailed schedule.

Development Once this initial concept has been approved, the development content and delivery method are designed and combined into a comprehensive development programme. At this stage selected line managers and the superiors of the target groups are already involved. The resulting training and development modules are reviewed twice with all participants to ensure their plausibility.

Preparation The training and development programme starts with an analysis of the participants’ situation in order to identify their personal development needs. Then the personal development focus is agreed on with each participant and incorporated in his development programme.

Implementation The individual training and development modules consist of a sequence of different learning and working modes, which are selected to suit the different learning types of each group of participants. In this particular approach to training, structured learning by experience plays a central role, and the participants play an active part in the learning process as they are involved in individual, team, and group tasks. The learning content itself is based on actual situations and topics taken from their day-to-day work, so that the theoretical basis is directly linked with business practice.

Transfer Between the training modules, so-called transfer sessions are held, during which the participants are spilt into small groups in which they review and train again the practical use of what they have learned. During these sessions they are accompanied by a learning coach from their own company.

Review At the end of the training programme a short de-briefing takes place in which the trainer, the participant and his/her superior discuss the individual learning progress and define and agree further transfer and development measures.

Controlling After each training module the participants’ feedback is analysed and evaluated in order to adapt the following modules if necessary. At the end of the whole training and development programme its content, delivery methods and sequences are reviewed and the achievement of the agreed learning targets is verified with the customer.

Our Assets