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Corporate success is directly linked with the skills and abilities of a company’s employees and managers. With HRdevelopment you can create the preconditions for such a successful corporate culture, because HRdevelopment is:

Tailor-made A detailed analysis of company specific requirements and of the training needs makes certain that the training and development programs are actually tailored to the customer’s needs.

Implementation-oriented The company-specific design and its practice-orientation ensure that the desired learning transfer takes place and guarantee a long-lasting effect of the training content.

Development-oriented In an assessment session with each participant at the beginning of the programme his/her individual training and development needs are identified. From this basis, the focussed development of each participant becomes possible and a personal development platform can be designed for him/her.

Flexible The modular concept of individual training and development measures permits a needs-oriented and flexible adaptation of content and methodology to the participants’ particular requirements. It also facilitates the alignment of the volume and timing of training with the company’s intentions and conditions.

Effective Due to the fact that the participants’ superiors participate as co-trainers, sparring-partners or learning coaches, step-by-step development across the whole organization is made possible, with the concerned superiors fully retaining their direct management responsibility during the whole training programme.

Sustainable At the end of the program, each participant and his/her superior meet in a feedback session to review the training concerning the learning and development progress achieved, and to agree on further on-the-job measures. Hence a continuous, sustainable development process is assured.

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