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HRdevelopment offers you tailored, modular training and development concepts that are carefully aligned both to your company’s particular requirements and to those of participating groups of employees. In this concept, learning transfer has a central role. That is why we use practical examples from the participants’ direct business environment when we design the learning content. Participants are faced with tasks and problems they are familiar with and learn to develop practical solutions jointly, while also being trained in the behavioural style necessary to ensure successful implementation of their newly acquired knowledge.
Whenever possible, the trainees’ superiors participate as coaches, co-trainers, sparring-partners or speakers to achieve optimal transfer results.

Management skills In times of continuous change and increasing dynamism, the management skills in a company are more than ever a decisive element of success, which means that managers at all levels must be able to adapt their leadership style and rhythm of leadership to rapidly changing conditions. This, in turn, demands distinctive management skills and a high level of leadership quality. Our integral training & development concept offers needs-oriented development and support for project leaders and managers at all hierarchy levels.

Personal and social skills Personality and individual behavioural patterns are becoming increasingly important in today’s work environment; not only for managers, but for all employees, at all levels and in all roles. Technical know-how or understanding of work-methods alone ceased to be sufficient long ago, and only those who possess the necessary level of personal and social skills will be successful. We support you in the design, development and implementation of target group specific training and development modules: work methods; problem solving; decision finding; communication; presentation; and conflict management.

Selling and negotiating Today’s customer is not interested in merely buying a product. He expects solutions that are tailored to his specific requirements. This means that systematic market development, consistent customer orientation, open discourse, creative argumentation, situational empathy, focus on closing contracts, and a flexible negotiating approach have become important factors for the success of any sales person or customer consultant. We offer you tailor-made and implementation-focussed sales and negotiation training.

Team development Team development means improving the individual performance of team members and of a whole team. This is achieved by improving a team’s overall capabilities and by applying them to actual business. The training is aimed at expanding a team’s analytical and reflective approaches, at eliminating strained relations between team members or the team leader, and at improving the communication and co-operation within a team. We support employees and management teams in becoming more efficient when co-operating with others.

Coaching With our approach to coaching we support managers, project leaders and other high level employees in increasing their ability to handle and cope with their tasks and targets more efficiently. Our coaching improves their attitude to self-reflection and widens their behavioural repertoire. We support the people we coach by focussing on available resources and expected results.

Human Resources Management Our expertise in Human Resources Management is based on the wide range of HR topics we are confronted with on a daily basis, be it as interim managers or as project managers. This means that the know-how we transfer to our clients is practice based and comes from first-hand experience. We can train your staff in interviewing techniques, personality diagnosis and management coaching, or we transfer our technical know-how to your HR team on such topics as job and career models, variable remuneration systems, target agreements and performance assessment, personnel development, personnel controlling etc. with the help of practice and project-based scenarios.

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