Junior Consultant

After having graduated from a university or technical college and having gained practical experience in project management, you will be working together with one of our consultants who gradually introduces you to the different topics and facets of consulting. First, you will be concentrating on conceptual and support tasks, then, after you have acquainted yourself with our approach to consulting, you will be handed responsibility for small projects or sub-projects.

What we expect from a junior consultant are: initiative, commitment, mental flexibility, willingness to learn and perform, and perseverance.



Owing to your several years of experience in HR and/or line management, you will be taking on demanding tasks in Switzerland and abroad. Depending on the particular requirements of a project, you will take either full responsibility for a whole project, or manage parts of it. This includes the conceptual development of project sections, as well as preparing and holding workshops, briefings and training session with the customer. A partner or a senior consultant will be available to you as coach and sparring partner.

We consider that independence, reliability and commitment, combined with performance and quality-orientation are the criteria for success of every consultant.


Senior Consultant

Your responsibilities as senior consultant involve independent work with customers, starting from acquisition, to design and implementation of projects. You will establish a sustainable relationship with the customer, manage the project team and ensure its success by relying on your proven managerial capabilities. As a senior consultant you are considered an expert in a number of HRM-related topics, and you will be coach and sparring partner to a number of consultants.

Project management, technical know-how and experience, result orientation, and persuasiveness are the criteria for success of every senior consultant.


Business Line Manager

You are an expert in Human Resources Management with proven entrepreneurial capabilities that allow you to take on overall responsibility for a strategic business segment. Your tasks include marketing, customer management, responsibility for products and performance, as well as the recruitment and development of consultants.

We expect from our business line mangers that they have an in-depth understanding of the market, an entrepreneurial attitude, highly developed management skills, and that they are able to react immediately to changing conditions.


Managing Partner

As managing partner, you are in charge of developing and managing several business segments in addition to your participation in defining the company’s business strategy and sharing the responsibility for its success.

From our managing partners we expect a profound understanding of the market, strategic thinking, the ability to identify business opportunities, and to successfully implement them.