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Professional test and diagnosis procedures

The growth and development potential of a plant is already included in its nucleus and can be developed and encouraged further by suitable measures. However, a precondition for success is the ability to recognise and correctly evaluate this potential. With human beings, it is no different. HRanalytics offers you professional test and diagnosis procedures that ensure reliable analyses of individual suitability profiles and development potential of candidates and employees.
HRanalytics is a professional test platform for the evaluation of high-potentials and top performers. It is equally suitable as an assessment and decision basis as part of the selection process of recruits or as a discussion and feedback basis in the systematic succession/development planning of employees.

Scientific test centre

Empirically validated and DIN 33430 assessed

The test platform HRanalytics was developed by our co-operation partner HR Diagnostics AG. The name of their Scientific Director, Prof. Dr. Heinz Schuler, one of Europe’s leading personnel psychologists, stands for the quality of these procedures. Prof. Dr. Heinz Schuler has worked for over 40 years on selection and test procedures and he guarantees the quality of these psychological selection methods. In addition, all test procedures comply with DIN 33430, which was developed by the German Psychological Society and the Professional Association of German Psychologists, thereby ensuring the high quality of the test procedures for suitability assessments. The significance and accuracy of their results are therefore completely reliable.
In addition to the development, validation and specification of suitable test procedures, HR Diagnostics AG ensures their technical implementation and compliance with the highest safety and quality standards.
The responsibility of BOSS Business Consulting as co-operation partner is the marketing of HRanalytics test packages in addition to the training and support of users in Switzerland.

Our test procedures

Simple and straightforward application

According to modern science, general intelligence has a substantial impact on the performance of employees. However, other aspects, such as integrity, motivation to perform or customer orientation also contribute to the success of one’s career. HRanalytics test packages combine various test procedures covering the areas intelligence, personality, knowledge and behaviour. They therefore reach a high degree of accuracy, offer reliable results and lay a solid foundation for carrying out assessments.

The following test packages are available with HRanalytics:

  • MANAGE for managers and project managers
  • CLIENT for sales and customer service personnel
  • TECHNO for technicians and engineers
  • ADMIN for support and corporate staff
  • CONSULT for consulting personnel
  • POLICE 2.0 for security personnel
  • JOBSTARTER-Commerce for commercial trainees
  • JOBSTARTER-Techno for technical trainees

Our Assets

Function specific test procedures

In order to immediately acquaint yourself with the advantages of HRanalytics, the link below allows you to access a demonstration test. This test is structured very generally and offers an overview of the variety of questions and how the test results are presented.

Demotest Demotest

Apart from the unique possibility of combining different test procedures in specific test packages, HRanalytics differs from other generally available test procedures because:

  • The test packages record and assess only needs and functions specific dimensions, i.e., dimensions on which a manager is evaluated differ substantially from those suitable for assessing sales representatives or engineers. This has the advantage that candidates do not have to answer questions and solve tasks that are irrelevant to the function for which they are envisaged.
  • In addition, each test package is based on the specific standards of a given professional category. Once 150 candidates have completed a test procedure in your company, you have the option of being able to develop your own, company-specific standard. This results in a company benchmark permitting you to make a comparison with competitors.
  • The test results are presented by means colours and numbers. In addition, the results show to what percentage a comparison group fares worse than a specific candidate. The presentation by colours and numbers allows you to immediately assess and sort the individual results of candidates.
  • The test results are available immediately after a test has been completed and their easy interpretation and explanation are very time efficient.
  • The HRanalytcis test platform is, of course, internet-based and users as well as candidates can call off all test packages, test results, etc. at any time and from anywhere, therefore ensuring maximum flexibility.
  • All test packages have a high degree of empirical validity and the test results correlate to the findings of other selection procedures.

Our Customers

The companies which we have convinced of our expertise in HR management during recent years, and who today count amongst our HRanalytics customers, are:

  • GWK Grenzwachtkorps
  • Kantonspolizei Luzern
  • Kantonspolizei Solothurn
  • m-real
  • RUAG
  • SAP
  • Schweizer Mobiliar
  • Stadtpolizei Winterthur
  • Stadtpolizei Zürich
  • Swiss Life
  • T-Systems

Our Brochures

HRanalytics HRanalytics Brochure
MANAGE MANAGE for managers and project managers
CLIENT CLIENT for sales customer service employees
TECHNO TECHNO for technicans and engineering
ADMIN ADMIN for support and staff personnel
CONSULT CONSULT for consulting personnel
POLICE POLICE 2.0 for security personnel
JOBSTARTER – Commerce JOBSTARTER-Commerce for commercial trainees
JOBSTARTER – Techno JOBSTARTER-Techno for technical trainees