No tree is like another

Professional assessments and analyses of potential

Each tree lives by its own particular rules and needs special conditions to grow. Only when these are known and understood, is it possible to support its development – a principle that corresponds to our own understanding of HRassessment.

Our Services

HRassessment is an efficient tool for the assessment and selection of key staff and managers, as it delivers reliable and convincing information that supports crucial personnel decisions. HRassessment offers the following areas of use:

Individual assessment This tool is used for the systematic analysis of a candidate’s individual abilities and skills relating to a specific job-profile. First, his strengths/weaknesses profile is drawn up and then compared with the job specification. The results of this comparison form a reliable decision-base for the employment of a candidate or for his particular development requirements. This approach is used in:

  • the selection of internal or external applicants
  • the identification of management or junior management potential
  • the justification of decisions about promotion or transfer
  • the implementation of individual career or development plans
  • the initiation of individualised coaching

Group assessment In a group assessment the skills and abilities of a target group, such as managers, sales staff, customer consultants, project managers, young professionals or trainees are evaluated for a specific job-function. In contrast to individual assessments, several candidates are evaluated simultaneously and selected line managers are included in the evaluation process. Group assessments are particularly recommended in connection with:

  • the selection of internal or external applicants
  • the identification of high potentials
  • the justification of decisions about promotion or transfer
  • the implementation of target group-specific career or development plans

Management audit The management audit systematically assesses the management skills at different management levels. During this process, not only the social and management skills are evaluated, but also the entrepreneurial attitude, business understanding and operational management competence are carefully analysed. The results of the assessments are presented in individual strengths/weaknesses profiles and in the form of comparable portfolios. The findings are then summarized in an audit report which includes detailed suggestions on how to proceed.

Development Centre With the Development Centre a group of employees at a specific level, such as management, sales, customer consultants, project managers etc. is assessed, and then linked to selected development action plans. This type of methodical combination allows the participants to develop the desired skills and behaviour during alternating sequences of training, assessment, feedback and coaching. The content of the training and development sessions is aligned with function-specific tasks and requirements, which results in a substantial increase in the learning level and benefit transfer.

Our Approach

All our assessment processes are tailor-made and attuned to individual requirements. Structured interviews, psychometric diagnoses, business cases, performance analyses, target-group-specific discussions and management situations are developed to a company’s particular demands. This means, that although the underlying principle of the process remains the same, the individual concepts are completely needs-oriented.

Business context All assessment criteria in connection with specific roles are defined in close co-operation with the customer. Individual process steps, practice-related tasks and problems concerning particular functions are simulated on the basis of the actual work environment.

Transparency The principles of the assessment process and its methodology are transparent and comprehensible to all participants. The candidates feel that they are treated fairly which results in a high level of acceptance of the outcome.

Substance After each assessment a detailed strengths/weaknesses profile is made available and the evaluation system is explained. Each candidate receives oral feedback and suggestions pertinent to his/her development.

Reliability All methods and tools used in HRassessment have been tested in practice and are supported empirically. The accuracy and validity of individual statements can be clearly seen, and the risk of inaccurate assessments is substantially reduced.

Relevance Clear recommendations can be given from the analysis, which are then discussed in detail with the customer. Decisions concerning the employment, promotion and development of employees become therefore transparent and, in addition, are fully documented.

Our Assets

Besides valid processes and practical experience, professionalism has the greatest impact on differentiating the evaluation of employee potential. In connection with our HRassessment this means:

Expertise All assessments are conducted by established AC-experts who are trained in psychology and/or economy, with several years of line management and practical assessment experience; their assessment and feedback abilities have been more than fully proven.

Business relevance All tasks and exercises are specially designed to suit the content and requirements of a targeted position. The means that not only the personal capabilities and characteristics of candidates can be analysed, but that their particular thought and behavioural patterns are assessed in their business context.

Flexibility Since the assessment processes are based on modules, their content and methodology can be easily adapted, the experience of our assessors allowing them to modify tasks and exercises immediately to suit changed situations and requirements.

Experience The large number of AC-projects we have successfully worked on with a variety of companies in different business fields, has allowed us to build up in-depth know-how about the design, development and implementation of target group and needs-specific assessment processes at all hierarchy levels.

Our Customers

During the past years, we have established a variety of assessments at different hierarchy levels. Amongst the customers in HRassessment we can count:

  • Aargauische Kantonalbank
  • Agility Logistics AG
  • Allianz Versicherung
  • Allreal
  • AON Schweiz
  • Berner Kantonalbank
  • Bossard
  • Coca-Cola Beverages
  • Credit Suisse
  • EVWD
  • Endemol
  • Erdgas Zürich
  • GaleniCare
  • HFGZ
  • Implenia
  • Janssen Cilag
  • Kanton Aargau
  • KKL Luzern
  • Lodestone
  • Migros-Pensionskasse
  • Philip Morris
  • PwC
  • Publigroupe
  • Raiffeisen
  • RBS Coutts
  • Redbull
  • Ringier
  • SAP Schweiz
  • Siemens
  • Stadt Luzern
  • Stadt Zürich
  • Stadtpolizei Zürich
  • Steiner
  • STO
  • SVA Aargau
  • Swisscom
  • T-Systems
  • UBS
  • VBL
  • VBZ
  • Vitra Management
  • VIVA Luzern


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