Integral Human Resources Management

A company’s success depends on a variety of factors. To remain competitive in a rapidly changing business environment, it has become increasingly important for corporations to concentrate on preparing, developing and training the employees for these changes. The one-dimensional, short-term approach to problem-solving is obsolete, as complex, demanding tasks require integrated and integral solutions.

Our comprehensive consulting services offer tailor-made solutions that cover the whole spectrum of Human Resources Management. We take an integral approach; an approach that aligns the various systems, processes and instruments with the specific demands of today’s business practice. The result is twofold, on the one hand we are able to establish a direct link with the corporate strategy, and on the other, we achieve an extremely high level of efficiency in the implementation of HRM systems.

The Company

BOSS Business Consulting is a Swiss consulting firm specializing in Human Resources Management. Our consulting and support services cover the whole spectrum of modern personnel management with a comprehensive and integral approach, aligning all systems, processes and tools of Human Resources Management with the specific requirements of a company.

HRconsulting focuses on the strategic aspects of personnel management, from HR strategy and HR structure, to variable compensations systems, as well as performance and employee potential management. We create added value with our experience and professionalism.

HRassessment screens your internal and external candidates with strength and weaknesses profiles and evaluates their development potential by assessing general and target group-specific requirements. We create added value with our analytical and diagnostic capabilities.

HRdiagnostics offers internet-based assessment tools that add professionalism to your decisions on personnel selection and promotion. We create added value with our state-of-the-art testing and diagnostic tools.

HRdevelopment develops and implements tailored training and development programs with a high transfer benefit for your technical and managerial staff. We create added value with our methodical-didactical competency.


Because each client is different

Custom-tailored consulting is our approach

The preconditions for successful consulting are common understanding and joint commitment; in other words: partnership. This is one of the main reasons why we take time to understand the requirements and expectations of our customers.

Thinking ahead means to us a profound understanding of the conditions in the employment market, and to correctly interpret future business trends; it means to us the continuous development of our consultants’ expertise, and it means that we consistently adapt our consulting services to the challenges and changes that our customers have to confront – this is our interpretation of Excellence.

Thinking into our customers’ situation and understanding their requirements is an essential part of our consulting philosophy. Every customer has his own ideas and prerequisites, just as each project has its own parameters and targets. To take the time to fully understand individual problems and conditions, and to pay attention to the specific requirements of our customers - that is our interpretation of Customer Focus.

Thinking of the best possible solutions is a demanding process that is only possible in close co-operation and in partnership with our customers. This not only generates concepts that correspond to company-specific conditions and requirements, but it also creates acceptance and support from all decision-makers - that is our interpretation of Commitment.

Thinking out of box is a precondition for successful change. That is why our consulting services are not only about concepts. We accompany and support our customers on site, during the whole implementation process – this is our interpretation of Empowerment.

Thinking about customized solutions and project steps in order to obtain the greatest benefit for our customers is a must. Given our ongoing review and feedback process we control the progress and results of projects together with our customer - this is our interpretation of Success.

Success unites

BOSS Business Consulting – your partner in HRM

We are known for its many years of experience in conceptualizing, developing and implementing company-specific HR solutions. Each of our consultants has background experience in either business or psychology, or in both, in addition to several years of practical experience as HR or Training/Development Manager. Our expertise in HR Management and our in-depth technical and methodological knowledge has been gained from the large number of projects we have managed during the last years for a variety of companies in a wide range of different businesses.

Just as the entrepreneurial challenges that confront our customers change continuously, so do the conditions in professional consulting. It is our duty to ensure that we have the latest know-how and best talent in our team of consultants. That is why we consider very carefully who joins us. Then we make sure that our consultants are continuously trained.

Andreas Pichler

Owner and CEO Studies in business administration, specialisation in human resources. Leading positions at global companies in the automotive, retail, FMCG, mechanical engineering and energy sectors. More than 25 years of international experience in HR, sales and general management. Managed global HR businesses as Chief HR Officer, Global Head HR, Member of the Executive Committee. Brings a wide contact network with him.

In 2015 he and Cécile Pichler founded Pichler & Partner, offering innovative HR services & solutions. He is currently owner and CEO of Pichler & Partner and BOSS Business Consulting, with consulting focus on strategic HR consulting, executive and business coaching, leadership assessment, outplacement and career transition, organisation development and change management.

He has a distinctly entrepreneurial mindset, strong strategic and analytical competencies. The quality of his consulting is characterized by clarity, creativity and empathy.


Cécile Pichler

Owner and Managing Partner 

Studies in business administration and human resources. Twenty years experience in different HR positions at international companies in the automotive, FMCG and public sectors as well as in Human Resources consulting.

Various functions in career management and international mobility, personnel development, competency management, talent & performance management as well as coaching and recruiting. A certified coach from IFPNL Paris.

In 2015, she and Andreas Pichler founded Pichler & Partner. She is currently owner and Managing Partner of Pichler & Partner and BOSS Business Consulting, with consulting focus on outplacement and career transition, executive and business coaching, personal development, leadership assessment.

She is very empathetic and possesses excellent analytical skills. She works in a target- and solution-oriented manner, while always demonstrating qualities of openness, respect and appreciation.


Michael Timar

Senior Consultant Apprenticeship. Tertiary training and further education in the fields of adult education, organisation, management and coaching. University lecturing and training activities since 2006. 2010 Product/education manager responsible for the design and implementation of personnel development activities. Several years of experience as a team leader in education and further education from 2011 onwards | 2014 Education manager in the police force and as such also involved in a multi-stage selection procedure. Examination expert for the Swiss Association for Business Organisation Examinations since 2015. 2017 Personnel development manager in an international enterprise with the focus on talent management, trainee/graduate programmes and leadership seminars. Currently Senior Consultant at BOSS Consulting with the focus on learning and development consulting.


Regular Iten Gertsch

Senior Consultant Education in paramedical sector and social security. Leadership experience at large companies, SMEs and as self-employed. 1997 Various positions in health care, logistics and service sectors. 2008 managing director, individual coaching, accompanies people in the change process. 2014 Deputy Head of internal Case Management. Today Senior Consultant at Pichler & Partner with consulting focus on outplacement and career transition, business coaching, leadership assessment, health management.

She works solution- and resource-oriented. She is convinced that with the awareness of one's strengths, abilities and talents, each person can find his/her vocation.


Andreas Benoit

Associate Partner Studied Social Pedagogic and Applied Psychology. 1982 Professional practice in Child and Adolescent Psychology Service at the University of Bern. 1991 Head of the Service for Crisis Intervention. 1995 Training in Systemic Therapy Prof. Felder. 1999 Specialist for the assessment centre of a major Swiss bank and responsibility for group assessments in the whole of Switzerland. 2002 Management Development Training for mid to high-level managers of a major Swiss bank. Since 2003 Associate Partner of BOSS Business Consulting. 2006 Initiation of business activities in Shanghai and Hong Kong. 2007 Foundation of Benoit Consulting Co Ltd. in Hong Kong. Since 2007 Associate Partner of BOSS Business Consulting with a special focus on Assessment processes, Coaching and Management Development.


Heidi Hauenstein-Ringger

Associate Partner Master of Science in Social and Business Psychology with secondary subjects Politics and Journalism at the University of Zurich. 20 years experience in personnel diagnostics, predominantly group and individual assessments in various industries. Changed professional direction to work in the non-profit sector and in gastronomy. Long and varied experience as executive and in project management in various positions in a major bank, in the areas of information technology and organization with focus on training, call centres and process optimization. Further education at the University of St. Gallen in mediation in the areas economy, the working environment and the public domain. Self-employed since 2006, focusing on the areas assessment, career counselling, occupational health management, stress management and prevention, as well as positive psychology.


Corinne Schacher Ehrat

Associate Partner Teaching Diploma. School teache. Purser and Safety Instructor for cabin and cockpit at Swissair. Management function and regional responsibility for sales and customer care at a leading Swiss IT school. 2003 Studies of Applied Psychology at the School of Applied Psychology in Zurich with specialisation in Work and Organisational Psychology | 2008 Consultant and lecturer at the Institute of Applied Psychology (IAP), and the University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) at the Centre for Leadership, Coaching and Change Management. 2013 Senior Consultant at a consultancy company in Zurich with focus on assessment, outplacement consulting and coaching. Since 2014, self-employed consultant and lecturer, amongst others at ZHAW in the areas of personnel and leadership development, coaching, outplacement consulting and assessment. 2014/15 Curriculum in coaching, personality, team and organisational development with Dr. Gunther Schmidt at the Milton-Erickson-Institute in Heidelberg. Since 2015, Associate Partner at BOSS Business Consulting with consultancy focus on assessment, coaching and management development


Beáta Faragó

Backoffice and Communication Manager Master of sciences in Literature and History from the University of Szeged, Hungary. Scholarship in the University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany. Graduated teacher. Joined to a PR agency in 2010. Specialized in communication strategy development, project management, press and media relations, stakeholder management. 2014 Team leader, Senior Account Manager, Partner. Responsible for local and international, external and internal communication programs. Works closely with HR departments of medium and large enterprises. Today Backoffice & Communication Manager at Pichler & Partner with consulting focus on Internal Communication, Business Communication, Social Media, Media Training.


Oliver Schultheis

Desktop Publishing/Marketing Training as Design Draughtsman, specialising in electrical engineering. 1991 Design Draughtsman in the area of cartography and presentations of the German Army Operational Staff, responsible for DTP and printing templates as well as for training of the whole office segment. Responsible for the co-ordination, implementation, and equipment of national and international events. 2000 Graphics and Design Specialist at a large German investment company. 2004-2007 Further external technical training in Adobe products, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe GoLive, and Adobe Acrobat Professional at the DTP Academy, as well as internal training in Adobe InDesign. Currently Desktop Publisher & Marketing Assistant at BOSS Business Consulting.


Prospects with a future

Joining BOSS Business Consulting

BOSS Business Consulting can offer you challenging prospects in national and international projects and a highly attractive, professional work environment in which you can fully develop your entrepreneurial personality.
Depending on your educational background, your practical experience, and your personal and social skills, BOSS Business Consulting offers various entry levels with long-term job prospects.
If you have several years of practical experience, a profound knowledge of Human Resources Management, and are able to work competently and independently on complex problems, if you have an entrepreneurial approach to business, more than average initiative, are very performance and result-oriented, and extremely motivated to learn:


Junior Consultant

After having graduated from a university or technical college and having gained practical experience in project management, you will be working together with one of our consultants who gradually introduces you to the different topics and facets of consulting. First, you will be concentrating on conceptual and support tasks, then, after you have acquainted yourself with our approach to consulting, you will be handed responsibility for small projects or sub-projects.
What we expect from a junior consultant are: initiative, commitment, mental flexibility, willingness to learn and perform, and perseverance.


Owing to your several years of experience in HR and/or line management, you will be taking on demanding tasks in Switzerland and abroad. Depending on the particular requirements of a project, you will take either full responsibility for a whole project, or manage parts of it. This includes the conceptual development of project sections, as well as preparing and holding workshops, briefings and training session with the customer. A partner or a senior consultant will be available to you as coach and sparring partner.

We consider that independence, reliability and commitment, combined with performance and quality-orientation are the criteria for success of every consultant.

Senior Consultant

Your responsibilities as senior consultant involve independent work with customers, starting from acquisition, to design and implementation of projects. You will establish a sustainable relationship with the customer, manage the project team and ensure its success by relying on your proven managerial capabilities. As a senior consultant you are considered an expert in a number of HRM-related topics, and you will be coach and sparring partner to a number of consultants.

Project management, technical know-how and experience, result orientation, and persuasiveness are the criteria for success of every senior consultant.

Business Line Manager

You are an expert in Human Resources Management with proven entrepreneurial capabilities that allow you to take on overall responsibility for a strategic business segment. Your tasks include marketing, customer management, responsibility for products and performance, as well as the recruitment and development of consultants.

We expect from our business line mangers that they have an in-depth understanding of the market, an entrepreneurial attitude, highly developed management skills, and that they are able to react immediately to changing conditions.

Managing Partner

As managing partner, you are in charge of developing and managing several business segments in addition to your participation in defining the company’s business strategy and sharing the responsibility for its success.

From our managing partners we expect a profound understanding of the market, strategic thinking, the ability to identify business opportunities, and to successfully implement them.