Integral Human Resources Management

BOSS Business Consulting is a Swiss consulting firm specializing in Human Resources Management. Our consulting and support services cover the whole spectrum of modern personnel management with a comprehensive and integral approach, aligning all systems, processes and tools of Human Resources Management with the specific requirements of a company.

A company’s success depends on a variety of factors. To remain competitive in a rapidly changing business environment, it has become increasingly important for corporations to concentrate on preparing, developing and training the employees for these changes. The one-dimensional, short-term approach to problem-solving is obsolete, as complex, demanding tasks require integrated and integral solutions.

Our comprehensive consulting services offer tailor-made solutions that cover the whole spectrum of Human Resources Management. We take an integral approach; an approach that aligns the various systems, processes and instruments with the specific demands of today’s business practice. The result is twofold, on the one hand we are able to establish a direct link with the corporate strategy, and on the other, we achieve an extremely high level of efficiency in the implementation of HRM systems.

HRconsulting focuses on the strategic aspects of personnel management, from HR strategy and HR structure, to variable compensations systems, as well as performance and employee potential management. We create added value with our experience and professionalism.

HRassessment screens your internal and external candidates with strength and weaknesses profiles and evaluates their development potential by assessing general and target group-specific requirements. We create added value with our analytical and diagnostic capabilities.

HRdiagnostics offers internet-based assessment tools that add professionalism to your decisions on personnel selection and promotion. We create added value with our state-of-the-art testing and diagnostic tools.

HRdevelopment develops and implements tailored training and development programs with a high transfer benefit for your technical and managerial staff. We create added value with our methodical-didactical competency.